Company History

Founded in 1986, Magtype Computer Resources began in the era of the IBM/XT and Apple II. Specializing in supplying systems and services to the Graphic Arts/Magazine professional, Magtype was an innovator in using desktop computers in the graphics industry. At that time, driving digital typesetting equipment from a desktop front-end was in its infancy. In an industry of traditional, dedicated typesetting equipment, we helped to usher in the era of desktop graphics and desktop publishing.

Growing from our graphic arts roots (which are still strongly planted to this day), Magtype has expanded to support a wide range of companies, including publishing, travel, marketing, building suppliers, investment firms, medical and educational, Magtype/CR provides products and services to help them achieve their goals.

We are committed to understanding your business and its processes to develop and utilize technology to best suit your needs. Let us help you understand what technology is available to you and teach you how to use it to best assist you in achieving your goals.

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